Where can I find and download the Course Toolkit?

We provide a unique Course Toolkit for each of our courses. This is a tool we gift to you as an outside resource for use in "everyday life". 

We've designed our courses to be a learn by doing experience. Watching videos and taking notes is a good start, but we believe real learning requires action and reflection. The activities and assignments that accompany each lesson will help you try out the tools you've learned about for yourself. 

The Course Toolkit will serve two purposes:

  1. Act as your in-course activity/assignment guide
  2. Serve as a permanent resource to remind you of what you've learned and help you take that back to your team or organization.

Your actual assignments will be available online and won't require the toolkit.

While we cannot attach the individual Course Toolkits here, you can download your own Toolkit at any time during the published course dates. It will typically be located in the top right hand side of the homepage under the Get Help widget > Course Resources or under the Course Resources > Course Toolkit section. See both visual examples below.            

        Screen_Shot_2017-08-25_at_11_00_51_AM.png                 Screen_Shot_2017-08-25_at_11_04_59_AM.png


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