Where is my Certificate of Completion and how can I use it?

Receiving your certificate - Foundations + Advanced Certificates

Once you successfully complete all required courses for any Foundations or Advanced Certificate, your certificate will be awarded via email within two weeks of completion of your final course.


Receiving your certificate - Courses + Classes

Once you complete the course and have submitted all required assignments by the course end date, you will be automatically awarded a Certificate of Completion. Your certificate will be reflected on your course homepage. This certificate can be used as proof of completion for current and future employers. 

*Please note: you must have submitted all required assignments by the course end date to be eligible to receive a certificate.

Still don't see one and think you earned it? Contact us and we'll investigate.


Posting your certificate to LinkedIn

To Add a Certificate to your LinkedIn Profile:

  1. Share and Make Certificate Public
    • Click the share icon in the upper right corner and make the certificate public
  2. Copy the license number in the pop-up window
  3. Click the blue 'add to profile' button
  4. Add Certification Name
    • Enter the Course Name (eg. Insights for Innovation)
  5. Add IDEO U as Certification Authority
    • As you start typing, this field will search and pre populate for you
  6. Paste in the license number from step 2 into the 'Certificate ID" section
  7. Enter time frame for certificate
    • Beginning Month/Year of the course and select 'This certificate does not expire'
  8. Optional: You can add a direct URL Link to your Certificate if you wish. You will copy the URL from the top of your certificate viewing page to enter into this field
  9. Once saved, this will be visible on your profile

See screenshots below for a visual reference.




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