How do you tag the Teaching Team or other learners?

You can tag a peer or Teaching Team member in posts/comments you write in the discussions, your assignment submissions and in your Learning Circle or Learning Lab. Simply do so by typing the '@' key, which will open a drop-down menu of available members in the course whom you can tag.

Here's a quick How-To:

1. Click in the discussion or comments section of your course.



2. Enter the "@" symbol in the text field. You'll notice that names of other learners will immediately pop-up.


3. Continue to enter the name of the person you'd like to tag directly after the "@" symbol. 

For the Teaching Team, you'll notice that all Teaching Team names start with the word "Teaching". The easiest way to find and tag a Team Member is to start typing "@Teaching". Once you do so, the names of the Teaching Team will magically appear!


4. Click on the name of the person you'd like to tag and you'll have completed the tagging process.

Then you can continue your comment. Once you click "Comment", they'll receive a notification.



And here's a video of what this looks as one fluid process:


This is what it will look like when the person you tagged receives a notification in their email inbox that you mentioned them in a post/comment.



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