Which course should I take next? What is the best sequence for the courses?

While we released our courses in the following order: Insights for Innovation, From Ideas to Action, Storytelling for Influence, and Leading for Creativity, they do not need to be taken this way.

  • If you are newer to Design Thinking - or even if you have taken a workshop or a boot camp- we recommend taking our foundational courses first: Insights for Innovation and From Ideas to Action.

  • If you're coming to IDEO U with deeper experiences with insights -perhaps researchers or marketers - and you want to learn more about ideation and prototyping, check out our From Ideas to Action course.
    If you've got a deeper experiences with prototyping – like software developers or engineers – and want to learn more about insights, Insights for Innovation is for you.

  • After those 2 foundational courses or if you already have a deep experience and familiarity with Design Thinking, we suggest moving on to our Storytelling for Influence course. This course is taught by one of our Brand Directors and is incredibly helpful for thinking about the narrative behind a brand strategy. It is also an incredible course for any leader who wants to become more influential and inspiring.

We do believe that IDEO’s approach to Insights, Ideation, and Prototyping are unique and even if people have some experience, our students tell us that our courses showed them how much they “didn’t know that they didn’t know.”

Our courses also provide a great place to practice and a connected community with whom you can share your learnings.

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