How do I upload or add an image or PDF to my assignment submission?

Uploading images or media can be done directly within an assignment or discussion. 

To do so, first navigate to the comment section or first input section of your assignment:


1. From there, click into the empty space where it says "Post a comment" and you'll see that once you click, an array of options will display:



2. From there, you can drag your photos directly, or you can click the cloud icon, which will then bring up a window that guides you further:



3. From this window, you may then click the cloud icon again, which will open your Finder window for direct upload of anything from your computer or desktop. You may also insert a direct link.




Side note: Are your images posting sideways?

This can happen for images that are taken on the phone (the original "EXIF" tags for orientation remain there) unless they are rotated using an image editing tool. We recommend using an editing tool like Paint, Photoshop, GIMP to rotate your images; unfortunately they must be rotated using an editing tool and not directly on your phone. 

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