How can I change my assignment privacy settings?

Every assignment you submit has the potential to be marked as Private or Public.

Public assignments are viewable by all learners and appear in the assignment gallery. Public assignments can also receive feedback from other learners.

Private assignments are only viewable by the Teaching Team and do not have the functionality to receive feedback from other learners. 

Your assignment will automatically default to Private.


To change the privacy settings on your assignment, follow these simple steps:

1. Select your assignment by navigating to your To-Do's


2. Open your assignment and click on the "Revise" button 



2. Scroll down to the bottom of your assignment and navigate to the bottom where it says "select a privacy setting for your submission". From there, you may click the drop-down menu and select between "Shared with the Instructor" (Private) and "Shared with the Course" (Public). 

Remember to click "Save" once you've made changes.




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