What will I have access to during and after my course?

The full course experience for our five-week cohort courses is available during the course dates marked on the course you enrolled in. We know many learners either don't have the time they would have liked to complete the course or would just like to continue to view—and be inspired by—the course materials. With this in mind, we leave the course materials available for an extra week-long review period after the course close.*  After the final review period, you will no longer be able to access the course content.

We also strongly encourage all learners to download the Course Toolkit and/or Assignment Workbook PDF before their course access expires. These tools serve as a permanent resource to remind you of what you've learned and help you take that back to your team or organization. These PDFs can be found in the Course & Community Introduction section of your course.

Here are the details on what's available when. 

Feature Available during course run dates Available for one week post-course  Available indefinitely
View course content and videos checkmark.png checkmark.png   
Submit assignments  checkmark.png     
Receive assignment feedback from course staff  checkmark.png    
Receive assignment feedback from other learners checkmark.png checkmark.png  
View assignment galleries & comments checkmark.png checkmark.png checkmark.png
Post in Discussions checkmark.png    
View discussion archives checkmark.png checkmark.png checkmark.png
Participate in Learning Circles checkmark.png checkmark.png  
Contact (send messages to) fellow learners checkmark.png checkmark.png checkmark.png

We hope this bonus access week will help learners get more out of their courses. For any questions or concerns, please email support.

*Please note: this does not apply to our self-paced courses, which have 90 days of access.

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