NovoEd Platform Introduction

Welcome to the NovoEd platform, where you can engage deeply with your learning material by interacting with your peers. This guide will help you get started.


When logging into NovoEd, you will land on your global Dashboard page. Here you will find a global view of all NovoEd course and class activity, including current and completed courses and classes, assignment submissions, and statements or certificates you've earned.

The sections on the Dashboard page are titled "Resume Learning" which will direct you back to course lecture pages you left previously and "To-dos Coming Up in the Next 7 Days" / "To-dos to Catch Up On" which displays any assignments or due dates within the next 7 days.

To access your Dashboard from within a learning environment, click on your profile photo in the top left hand corner of your screen.

Dashboard visuals are available here.

Update Your Profile

From your global Dashboard, you can easily update your profile information by clicking on the Settings icon [ • • • ] under your avatar icon. You may import existing information from your Facebook or LinkedIn profiles by clicking the corresponding buttons. Please note that imported information will override any existing information entered on your NovoEd Profile page.

On your profile page you will see all your NovoEd courses and classes, certificates you have earned, discussion contributions, assignment submissions and any likes or comments you have received.

Profile visuals are available here.

NovoEd Homepage

The homepage serves as the main hub for an individual course or class. Visit your homepage regularly to view updates, reminders, and trending threads and submissions.

This page will include the Outline and To-dos to get a sense of the tasks that need to be done for the course or class. Pages you have viewed and tasks you have completed will be marked complete with a check mark. Furthermore, you will be able to directly continue where you left off with your tasks by clicking the "Resume Learning" button.

NovoEd Homepage visuals are available here.

Top Right Hand Icons

At the top of the Homepage, you will notice 4 icons that will allow you to navigate the assignment submission galleries, discussions, resources, and community.

Clicking on the Gallery icon will take you to all the submitted assignments in the course. You can view, comment, or like submissions within the gallery.

The conversation icon will take you to course Discussions. Here you can create, comment, and like posts. Some of these discussions are also found within course lesson pages.

The Help icon houses important quick links, like support and resources for the course.

Under the More icon [ • • • ], you can search the course community, including Learners, Learning Circles, and Teaching Team members.

Timeline Navigation

Navigate the lesson pages through the arrows located near the bottom of the page. View the full timeline content by clicking the blue menu icon in the bottom left hand corner of all lesson pages. Once clicked, a navigation menu will display the entire outline and the specific section you are currently working on. You can use this navigation to skip around in the material easily.

Tagging on the Platform

You can tag a peer or Teaching Team member in posts or comments made in discussion threads or in your Learning Circle. Begin by typing the '@' key, which will opens a drop-down menu of available members in the course you can tag. Continue to type out their name until you find whomever you are searching for. Your peer will receive a notification in their email inbox that you mentioned them in a post or comment.

Access Material and Post-Course Information - Multi-Week Courses Only

The full IDEO U course experience is available during the course dates published when you enrolled. We know many learners either don't have the time they would have liked to complete the course or would just like to continue to view - and be inspired by - the course materials. With this in mind, we leave the course materials available for an extra month after the course close, however the ability to submit assignments is only open through the end of the published course dates. For more information on what content is available once the course closes, visit our FAQ.

Still have Questions?

Have questions on the platform or course logistics? Visit NovoEd's Help Desk or email our Learner Support and we'll take care of you.

Have questions about course-specific content? Leave a note on the Teaching Team discussion within your course or direct message the course Teaching Lead.

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